The Cacao Whisky - HEBERICA -
A completely new encounter of

A luxurious craft whisky infused with
meticulously roasted cacao beans,
exuding a rich cacao flavor.

The Authentic Blended Whisky

The base whisky is meticulously crafted by Japanese distilleries, using domestically produced whisky, and carefully selected Scotch whisky. It combines different characteristics of malt whisky and grain whisky, resulting in a harmonious harmony.

The CACAO-Infused Whisky

The base whisky has been infused with high-quality roasted cacao beans, allowing for a slow and meticulous process of soaking to imbue the whisky with the rich flavors and aromas of cacao, and then has been matured over time. This meticulous craftsmanship is only possible in small-scale distilleries and not achievable in mechanized large-scale production facilities.

The Marriage of Roasted Cacao Beans and Whisky

You can experience the wonderful marriage of whisky and cacao. It presents a gentle vanilla aroma of whisky, accompanied by the subtle cacao aroma and bitterness that expands in the mouth, while the roasted notes waft through the nose. A pleasant bitterness resonates in the back of the throat, leaving behind a lingering cacao aftertaste and a bittersweet, mature flavor that captivates the senses. Despite its distinctive flavor, it is surprisingly easy to drink, so you will likely become addicted to the HEBERICA experience.

No artificial ingredients used

HEBERICA does not use any artificial flavors, colorings, or additives. It solely relies on 100% natural aroma and color derived from cacao beans. No other brewing alcohol besides whisky is added. It is also free from added sugars. Enjoy the natural flavors of cacao and whisky.

 The Cacao Whisky HEBERICA
  - Produced by NAWATOKI Company in Japan -

HEBERICA is the first-ever cacao whisky in Japan, meticulously planned and developed by NAWATOKI Company, which specializes in creating unique and exceptional alcoholic beverages with the motto of ”Making the drinking time more enjoyable”. It took a long time to bring this innovative creation to life. In order to craft a whisky that captures the essence of cacao without relying on artificial flavors, HEBERICA embarked on extensive research and numerous trials, exploring the optimal blend ratios, types of cacao beans, roasting levels, and soaking durations. The pursuit of the best possible marriage between the base whisky and cacao led to the careful selection of ingredients and a meticulous blending process. HEBERICA aims to preserve the authentic taste of whisky while offering a delightful experience that highlights the essence of cacao.

HEBERICA - Origin of the Name

The name ”HEBERICA” is derived from the Greek goddess ”HEBE” in Greek mythology, as well as the Greek phrase ”Hebe erryeke” which originated from her name. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, HEBE was the goddess who presided over youth and youthful vigor. She was the daughter of the supreme gods Zeus and Hera, and she was considered the youngest and most beautiful among the gods. HEBE was often seen as the cupbearer at the gods’ banquets, serving them the divine nectar, a sacred drink that bestowed eternal youth. The gods would become intoxicated with the delicious nectar poured by HEBE, losing themselves in joy and merriment. From this, the Greek phrase ”HEBE erryeke” came to represent being heavily intoxicated. It is said to be the origin of the Japanese phrase ”HEBEREKE” meaning to be completely drunk. Therefore, the name ”HEBERICA” draws inspiration from the Greek goddess HEBE, her role as the cupbearer, and the joyful intoxication associated with her presence.

HEBERICA - The Name and the Inspiration Behind the Product

On the bottle label of HEBERICA, you will find the depiction of the goddess HEBE herself. Drawing inspiration from HEBE, who presides over youth, we hope that when enjoying this whisky, everyone can momentarily forget their age and return to their youthful days, experiencing a vibrant and joyous time together.

The scientific name of the cacao tree, the source of chocolate, is ”Theobroma cacao,” which translates to ”food of the gods” in Greek. In the past, cacao beans were considered a sacred food that only a privileged few could enjoy. The intoxicatingly delightful taste and the presence of cacao polyphenols, known for their anti-aging effects, have continued to enchant people throughout history. With this in mind, we have developed a cacao whisky, aligning the cacao bean with the goddess HEBE, a symbol of beauty and youth. Thus, we named it HEBERICA, with the intention of enjoying the delicious whisky while also benefiting from its anti-aging properties, embracing the concept of ”aging gracefully.”